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0.6.4 beta: synopsis is not synced with the index card

just installed 0.6.4 beta version. scene synopsis is not being reflected/synced with the index cards on the structure canvas. can you suggest a fix? this has been a very useful feature.



@rahul-rajeev: They are in sync no? Look at the attached GIF.

Please upload a screenshot / link to a video reproducing the issue.

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  • index-card-sync.gif

@rahul-rajeev: Here is a screenshot.

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  • index-card-sync.png


Thanks for the reply.

It used to appear in the index cards at the bottom as well, right? That option had made it much easier to rearrange the scenes whenever needed. Now just the scene heading is appearing.

Am I doing it wrong?

Attaching a screenshot here.

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@rahul-rajeev: Ah, we see your point now. In the last update, the content shown on the timeline is same as either scene heading or the index card title (the one you give on the structure canvas). But we realise that it's probably a good idea to allow a config setting where synopsis text can be shown. Will queue it up as a ticket for the next update.

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Rahul Rajeev

Thanks. that was a very useful feature.

Btw, any chance I can go back to an older version? Tried re installing 0.5.8 but files are not opening.

@rahul-rajeev: You can download and install the latest nightly build from here: http://scrite.io/index.php/downloads#nightly_builds

Go to Application Settings and configure timeline option to Scene Synopsis (see attached screenshot). Click on the check button to the top right of the dialog box to apply the changes. Now your timeline should show synopsis.

Files created / saved using the nightly build can be opened using the previous public beta. But files created / saved using public beta, cannot be opened in a previous version. This is because we keep updating document structure across builds and want to avoid goof-ups as much as possible.

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Fantastic! this is working perfectly. Thanks for the quick response and support.

I've been using Scrite for almost an year. Must say that it has been a delightful experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again! Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@rahul-rajeev: That's great. Thanks for confirming this.

Awesome to know that you have been using Scrite for close to a year!!!!

@rahul-rajeev: Please note: nightly builds are not as much tested as the public betas. Feel free to use the nightly builds, but if you face any issues then we would appreciate it if you post it here. At any point, you can manually revert to the last released public beta and continue working on your screenplay.