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about scene number of flash back return scene

when we return from flash back scene it will get new scene number but the scene have already another number it better to make as ex:scene 13A - 13B.

Because same scene no need for new number it difficult to maintain the making process.

@shridhar-ks: Custom scene numbers is something that other writers have also been asking. The problem with including support for custom scene numbers is that it is difficult to restore sequencing if the user decides to reorder scenes. We are mulling over few ideas, like maybe writers can put a few scenes into a group and we can create sub scene numbers for scenes in the group. Or perhaps we can allow users to include their own scene numbers and we allow export of screenplays either using automatic scene numbering or custom user specified scene numbering. Or allow users to specify on a scene by scene basis that it is a sub-scene of another scene - in which case we can use custom scene numbering.

In anycase, we get your suggestion. Hopefully we will have a resolution for it soon.