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Allow removal of mute characters from all scenes

@ganapathi-diwan : You had sent an email asking for a feature like this:

It is better if we have an option to do and undo the "Scan For Mute Characters", by ticking on it. As of now we can only "Scan For Mute Characters" but can not undo it.

The "Scan For Mute Characters" is not implemented as an on/off feature in Scrite.

While I understand the need of this feature, I don't want to drastically alter this code to make the menu item checkable.

What if we add a "Remove All Mute Characters" menu option? This would remove all mute characters, including the ones that the user explicitly added as mute characters to the list.

But before we go ahead and implement this, it would be useful to understand why you think this option is needed.

Today, users can click on "Scan For Mute Characters" and then explicitly remove mute characters on a scene by scene basis. Can you share the ways in which this implementation of the feature is not appropriate for you?