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Auto detecting items and suggestion

I'm using the latest nightly, 5.3 Betax64.

Detection request -

Noticed the app doesn't automatically recognises when I write - INT. it should recognise it and add a scene heading similar with CUT TO or any other transition. Similar with character name when it is written. Suppose char. name is HENRY when written in all caps, app should recognise. Similarly with when ( is written it should recognise parenthesis.

Autocomplete Request -

App doesn't autocomplete or show options to select - Suppose 2 character Henry and Homer. When I write H in character it should suggest 2 these and i will then select from dialog box which char. I want. Right now we have to type it. Similar with locations and scene heading etc.

Character -

When a new character is added in script, the app should detect it and should place it in relationship forming page. Then we select what are the relation ship. Automated is what I'm saying.

Backspace Usage -

In current version, when we are writing dialogues and pressing enter it places the cursor on the character area, when pressing backspace it comes back again to the ending dialogue of the character. What it should do - Writing dialogue - Pressing Enter - Cursor comes at character area - Pressing backspace - It comes at action area - Backspace Again - It comes at character area. Bold thing is missing now. I hope it's not complicated.

An another suggestion - Can't delete a scene note in structure panel with delete keyboard button. Currently, now we have to right click and delete.
Plus, when adding new scene, synopsis is written as new scene, when clicked on that to write, new scene should be automatically deleted. Now, we have to backspace.

@sahil-shah: We won't be able to accommodate scene heading auto-formatting for many reasons. INT. doesn't always correspond to scene heading and our writers write scene headings also in Indic languages. Besides, Scrite does not intend to be a word processor with formatting. It treats each scene (or beat) as a separate block which could (optionally) have a scene heading with three fields.

Autocomplete is a pending feature for a while, because we dont have enough support from the underlying framework to show a completion popup (like the way we can in other editors). This is a pending TODO for a while, we will get to it at some point.

We dont want to automatically add character page in the notebook. Adding notes for a character is optional and it we think that it has to be the prerogative of the writer. But it is quite easy to create character tab in the notebook in the recent updates. (a) in settings, move notebook into structure tab; (b) switch to structure tab, (c) click on character name in the list and select Character Notes. Ref: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/screenplay-ide/

The UI suggestion you make regarding backspace is not generic. We did float it among other users, got a feedback that they would find it confusing if it worked that way. Each user has a personal preference for how the app should work, but we feel that as long as the app works in a specific way and consistently so, its fine. There has been debate about how tab should be interpreted as well. But then again after a lot of iterations we have settled down to what it is right now. Bulk of our users are fine with it, so we are a bit nervous about changing that.

For now: Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5,6 can be used to change paragraph formats randomly. Tab shifts from one to another in a sequence. Enter tries to a best guess and people can override the best guess with Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5,6 shortcuts.

Regarding synopsis: Since the last update, we don't post any synopsis by default in the index card. It's up to the user to type a synopsis or leave it empty. We used to auto-fill it with New Scene before, but we don't do that anymore.

We know we took long to revert. Its a small team and we took a good 2 weeks off đŸ™‚ Happy new year 2021 to you!