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Cannot Export ( Error - could not find explorer.exe in path to launch windows Explorer.)

Cannot Export Script File to the any format, PDF etc..( Error - could not find explorer.exe in path to launch windows Explorer.)

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@neilsmaya: Your scripts would have gotten exported to the path that you have selected in the export dialog box. The attached image shows the place where export path is displayed. You can click on the "Change Path" link to change the folder in which you want the exported file to be saved.

Usually, Scrite opens Windows Explorer and selects the just-exported file after it has finished exporting. But in your case, explorer.exe is not found in path, which is strange. 

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Error is Remaining. File cannot export. beta version is 0.8.0 win 10. I have already Change Path earlier but it’s not working. I have taken a new scene and try to export but that also not exporting.

Here are The Error Files.

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  • error_02.jpg

@neilsmaya: Checked your E:/ ?

@neilsmaya :  try running windows explorer.exe via Run command first.  I believe that is the issue with your PC. 

Windows key + R   >>>   type in 'explorer.exe'    >>>   hit Enter 

Does this open Windows Folder Directory normally ? 
Are you using Windows or Mac or Linux ? 

If not, there is a chance explorer.exe got removed from windows directory at your end.  
for Windows o.s. , search on microsoft.com to fix this issue, as they'd recemmend. 

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I have run some windows cmd scan call SFC checks and Now its okay. but error is there. File is now exporting .Thanks for the quick response.