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Can't press 'tab' to get back to 'action'

While typing screenplay, 'tab' is a useful button to toggle between action, character, dialogue, parenthesis etc. However, when it is in 'character', scrite offers the list of characters to select from (which is good), and 'tab' button selects the character. 'Enter' button also does the same job at that point, so Tab isn't needed for that job. The trouble it is causing is that we can't jump to 'action' from 'character' by pressing tab, as it will just select the first character in the list. So the only way is to press ctr+1 (which also wasn't working at some instances) or click on 'action' by mouse. Tab is a lot more convenient.

@digant: Yes, what you say and the detailed way you say it makes total sense.

Can you please pull the latest nightly build from here and see if the revisions to tab handling is now better?


NOTE: Nightly builds are meant for users who actively follow the development of Scrite either as a tester, or as a designer or as a developer.

While these builds are generally safe to use, please __do not__ use them with your film or tv-series project without taking enough backups.

Generally speaking, documents created / edited using nightly builds should open with the current public beta of Scrite. Having said that, we cannot guarantee backward or forward compatibility of documents created using nightly builds.