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Character & Property Tagging

Tagging characters and props with a keyboard shortcut.

At the moment, including non-speaking characters in the scene is not as easy and smooth as it has to be,

@chiragt: you can add silent characters to the scene by manually adding them to the character list against the scene. Few screenshots have been attached to explain how to do this.

May we also recommend that you read this blog post? https://www.scrite.io/index.php/characters-in-scene/. The screenshots used in this post are from a previous version of Scrite, when it used to look very different. But the concept remains valid even in the latest version.

Regarding tagging of props, and other bits; we plan to include them in a future version.



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Thanks @teriflix. I already use it but it's not smooth on Mac.

What happens is:

When I click on the + button and start typing the name, it suggests me the full name automatically. (That's the good part of it.) I click 'Enter' and it is completed automatically but the cursor stays there at the end of the name. To get out of that input field, I have to click somewhere on an empty space and then the weird thing happens. The click lands somewhere randomly.

Ideally, there should be two things:

First, when I complete the suggested name by clicking 'Enter', it should complete the name and get out of the field itself.

Second, it must have a keyboard shortcut so that I can select the character and click the keyboard shortcuts and its done. The mouse doesn't need to be involved at all. I guess it will be added when you will add the property tagging.

The entire team is doing good work so I take time to give honest feedback so don't consider it as complaints!

Keep it up.