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Couple of feature request

Having moved away from Celtx for some time, I was using Kit Scenarist(Lots of people don't know this exists) to write until you guys caught my eyes... Now I'm switching to Scrite in between ... hope I won't regret it đŸ˜‰ ...

I have a few features request .... Ignore if already in Roadmap.

  1. Ability to view reports without exporting
  2. Script approximate length in Minutes always displayed somewhere on the screen
  3. Dark theme
  4. More evident page breaks
  5. Character and Props Catalogue
  6. Full Screen mode

Kit Scenarist has some interesting Visual reports... I suggest you guys check it out ..

Thank You




Thanks for your feedback @ganesh

  1. View reports without exporting: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/192. This was in our roadmap, but was never captured in GitHub. Just added a ticket for this.
  2. Script length feature: valid one. We have a ticket for this now: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/193
  3. Dark Theme: this has been a pending feature request. We will get around to it sometime in a future update: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/95
  4. More evident page breaks: We understand that this is something that almost every other app provides. But I was wondering if you could share with us your perspective on why this is important.
  5. Character and Props catalogue: you mean a panel where you can see all characters at once?
  6. Full Screen Mode: valid one. https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/194

Thanks for your feedback. Will lookup KIT Scenarist. Fun-fact, the author of KIT Scenarist is a friend on GitHub. He keeps watching our repository. I guess we should reach out to him and have a call once.

Hi, Glad that you guys took some points into consideration. To answer point 4, It is just like having the script length .. will be good to know how many pages I'm into the script .. and to point 5, yeah something like a panel where you can have all characters along with their description and props list .. might be useful for reports ..