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Custom icons for Scrite


@unlimiter: Really appreciate you stepping forward to contribute.

@suryavasishta: What do you think?

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Wow! Thanks for taking the time and investing so much effort @unlimiter !!

Just an observation though - the icons you have contributed have a hand-drawn feel/mood to it and is not in line with the tone Scrite is taking. In fact I had made custom icons in my initial mockups as well, but went ahead with Google's material.io icons as they brought in that consistency and overall 'clean' mood the Scrite UI had to possess. Fortunately, it has worked.

@prashanthudupa: if users can customise their 'mood' of the app - as in, if someone is writing a script for which they don't want the UI to feel 'serious', for example, then maybe we can have a few custom icon sets? @unlimiter's designs could be incorporated if such a feature makes sense.

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@suryavasishta: Interesting idea, yes. Let's review this when we get to implementing dark mode.

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@suryavasishta Can you show me your icons so I can copy the "mood" Scrite is intended to have?

I can tell by the Material icons that you're looking for icons with thin lines as opposed to thick ones which give a cute impression.

Also would you prefer sharp edges or smooth edges?

@unlimiter: The icons have been taken by @prashanthudupa directly from https://fonts.google.com/icons and I have only made recommendations in terms of what icon could come where, in cases where I have disagreed or had a different opinion compared to what he would have already implemented. Considering there will always be (a) bugs that would need attention, and (b) features that would be amazing/important to build, the aesthetics of the icon set would be very subjective at the end of the day, and hence there has been no attempt to fix something that already works or that doesn't mislead the user in any way. I guess it is a matter of prioritising, especially because Prashanth is doing the builds alone and there is a whole community of users giving feedback and feature requests! đŸ™‚

It isn't a matter of personal preference - it is inevitable that a certain amount of my personal aesthetic preferences have found its way in my mockups in the past, but I've tried to consciously keep the bigger picture in mind - I guess it just needs to clean, scalable, consistent, reasonably intuitive and welcoming. The end user must benefit, is all.

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