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It would be really helpful if there is a dark mode or at least a feature to change the paper colour..

thank you..

SHRIDHARA K S has reacted to this post.

@chilly-beef: Yes, dark mode is something we want to implement in Scrite. We have had a ticket on the for a while (https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/95), we have just not gotten around to implementing it.

Implement... I say implement as soon as you can.... or at least is there a way we can change the page colour? Anything to get rid of the white...

on another note... The program is amazing.. specially the translation feature..  Kudos to the team.

Prashanth Udupa has reacted to this post.
Prashanth Udupa

@chilly-beef: Yeah, I agree. Dark Mode UI has a lot of benefits. Especially when almost every other app has it. We will get to it in a future update for sure.

Mathi has reacted to this post.

Any update on the Dark Mode?

@mathiazhagan01: Not yet Mathi!

any updates about Dark Mode

@shridhar-ks: Not yet.