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Pretty good Screenplay writing software. Nice job.

  1. Can we keep some easy-peasy UI actions like CUT-PASTING an entire scene and placing it above or below some other scenes? Right now..I've a 3rd scene that I want to be the 1st scene...but it's still sitting at 3rd place. I'm using the final draft to rectify it.

2. Can we keep the B I U button so that we can tweak-format the words into emotions and expressions?

Just some easy-peasy inclusions.

The rest is kool..!


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Prashanth Udupa


You can re-order scenes using the Structure Tab. Check out this video here: https://youtu.be/7skB8UKu3qM?t=784

Bold Italics Underline is a hotly contested topic in the screenwriting community. Many people hate it, many love it. We just wanted to defer implementing it until we have to. Perhaps we can take it up in a future update.