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Eliminate Page Number on First Page, Need Better Control of Scene Numbering

The page number should not be on the first page of a script, and you need to allow users to format their script page without it. Also, scene numbering should be able to be controlled, none, left, right, or both (which is pretty much standard in most screenwriting software these days).

Another "bug" I found was I created my three act breaks to start, but then I couldn't add scenes "in between" the act breaks.

@bdolce: We dont print page numbers on the title page, otherwise its on all other pages. Also, scene numbers are on the left for now. We may consider providing an option to place it on both sides at some point in the future. We understand that it is pretty standard in many other apps, but we may take a bit more time getting there.

You can add scenes in between two act breaks by switching to structure tab and pulling an index card in between the two. You can take a look at the attached screenshots.


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@bdolce: At the moment, we are focussing on getting updates to the Structure tab out of the door. A unique feature about Scrite is the structure tab where writers can "design" their stories. https://www.scrite.io/index.php/tag-your-index-cards/

We will be getting back to Screenplay tab & export-to-PDF updates after the next beta is out. At which point we can look at generating scene numbers on either or both sides of the page. But we have an open ticket for it now: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/206

Page one of a script (the title page does not count) must not have a page number. That is the proper format, Scrite currently does not comply with industry standards because of this. Printing page 1 on the first page is incorrect and flags a script as done by a "rookie"; the first page number that should appear is "2" on page two. (If you don't believe me, see attached screengrab from John August's website, a well-known US screenwriter.)
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@bdolce: Okay, makes sense. The new update shows page number from second page onwards.

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