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Faulty Devnagari Typing

In the versions post 0.8, the Devganari typing is too faulty. 

The letters get interchanged while typing, the first letter is pushed beyond the cursor and the letters onwards the second one are put in the right place. One has to literally, manually delete the letter and retype each and every word which is tediously irritating.

This was a bug that had surfaced in some earlier versions, too, and was fixed when brought into notice. 

I hope that it would be taken care of in the upcoming versions. 


Also, the words do not appear smoothly while typing. What appears is a set of boxes and one has to refresh the page every now and then to view the correct draft. 


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@24kdiwsn: We are unable to reproduce this issue. Can you post some more information?

Are you using Input Methods? Ref: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/typing-in-multiple-languages/#chapter4_using_input_methods

Yes I have been using the Input Methods and it was working properly until the versions 0.8 onwards. Right now, after posting this complaint, the Inbuilt Scrite Transliterator for Marathi has also stopped working, forcing me to shift on the Hindi one to keep going on. 

@24kdiwsn: I am wondering if you are using custom fonts for Hindi or Marathi, which may be causing the issue. The transliteration code hasn't been touched for several versions now, because it was doing what it was supposed to do. Can you post what fonts you are using? Settings > Fonts panel should show you that.

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