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.fdx exprort from scrite linux version and import in final draft.

I am using Ubuntu in my PC. I wrote a screenplay in scrite linux version. I wrote dialogues in hindi font. I exported the .fdx file for final draft. When i open the file in final draft in macbook I got the hindi written dialogues but Hindi Signs (Matra) was not in proper way. So what should i do? is there any particular hindi font which i have to download for final draft?

Hi @kunwar: Please try the following and let us know how it went.

  1. While exporting to FDX from Scrite, please ensure that the "explicitly mark text fragments" checkbox is checked. (Screenshot attached).
  2. The default Hindi font used in Scrite is Mukta, which can be downloaded and installed from here: https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Mukta. Final Draft should be able to use this font and render your Hindi text properly, once you install this font.


Uploaded files:
  • fdx_export_dialog.jpg

Thank you so much, my problem is solved. Actually the problem was in the final draft. Scrite exported it correctly. đŸ™‚