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Getting started Tutorial

As a writer, I'm accustomed to Final Draft and Writer Duet and find the learning curve of Scrite extremely steep. Needless to say, a writer wants to focus on the story and characters investing his time creating. While Scrite looks interesting, the vast differences between it and commonly used tools make for a major challenge. Are there any getting started tutorials that show how to use it? The Learn section makes my head spin with all the keyboard shortcuts, icons etc. Thanks

@jontalk: Yes, we understand that Scrite is distinct from other writing apps, because of its scene centric approach.

We have just published a video. Please visit the help section to watch it.

Help & Support

@jontalk: At some point in the near future, we will be chopping this long 1 hour video into smaller segments. But for now you can navigate to different chapters, if you want to quickly  jump to a section of the video.

Much appreciated..as soon as time allows I'll invest the time to study it