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Importing from "pages"

Pages is a word software alternative for mac os. Please include a feature that allows us to import from pages or even from the word for that matter as exporting it to PT and then to fountain is a long process.

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Prashanth Udupa

@laymantalks_10: Implementing this feature will take a while, since we have to find Pages & Word file parsers (which have licenses compatible with Scrite) to unpack those files and pull paragraphs into Scrite.

In the meantime, consider doing this.

Simply save a Pages or Word document as a text file and try importing that in Scrite using the fountain importer or simply by dragging and dropping the text file on a Scrite window.

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@laymantalks_10: Please note that while the screenshot in the previous comments seems to convey that you can drag and drop the text itself, I must say that dragging and dropping text wont work. You can drag a text file from Finder to Scrite for the import to actually work.

Read: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/moving-from-another-app/#chapter1_drag-n-drop_to_import