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Installation error


I was trying to install the 8.7 beta version but the installation just freezes in the first few seconds. (pls see the screenshot)

Now i'm not able to install any version and files do not open. 

Pls help.


@rahul-rajeev: Close the installer app. Restart your computer if required. Manually uninstall the existing version of Scrite from "Add/Remove Programs" of the Control Panel in Windows. Once you manually uninstall the previous version, you can install the new version.

This process is documented on the website here: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/minimum-requirements/ 

Thanks for the help.

Tried to uninstall manually. Now the problem is that the uninstaller also crashes/refuses to remove the program.  Any particular reason?

Solved it using safe mode! thanks much for the help!