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Kind request to create a 32 bit version for (Ubuntu/Debian) LINUX

Hi Prashant and team

It's really great to find your team bring up this new software for Indian market. Though I had a 64 bit laptop, but recently it got burnt multiple times and I am currently using old laptop which is 32 bit which is barely running. Could you please help me out with 32 bit version for my Peppermint 10 OS version I'm using right now

I already raised issue on github for any reference, :https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/174

I think probably I'm the only guy that would be using 32 bit Linux OS. But definitely it's bit of workaround for you guys. But I think 32 bit not only is required for linux, Windows too, as I am sure there are many Indians who still love and probably use XP on old computers.

So kindly help with this small request.

Thank you


@rohitkav123: Thanks for creating the ticket on GitHub. At the moment we don't have a timeline for 32-bit Linux build.

However we do have 32-bit builds for Windows 7+. Unfortunately, we cannot support an OS older than Windows 7. Unless someone from the developer community chooses to make Scrite work on older Windows OSes, we cannot make them available.

Thank you for your response. It's ok for now.