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Language input from system keyboards

First of all, kudos to the entire team. this app is a true problem solver, but it can get better with this little feature-

There are currently 10 Indian languages that scrite provides transliteration for. For other languages, people are already using system input methods. For example, i can write in Marathi in scrite with no problem. My request is to add the option of Marathi (and other languages as well) in the settings menu, even if there is no in built transliteration from scrite for that language. In the transliteration tab of settings, in front of Marathi, you can put 'system input method' as default option instead of 'inbuilt scrite transliterator'.

This will unlock a life saving feature for me, which is already there in the scrite- suppose i want to put character names in English (so that scrite can autocomplete it) and dialogues in Marathi. Thanks to your efforts, Scrite does provide this feature, but only for those 10 languages for which you have inbuilt transliterator. We don't need transliterator for Marathi that badly, as we already have the system input method, but we do need to use that feature of choosing default language for dialogues/characters etc.

If you guys can do something about this, i will be very grateful and so will be many.

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@digant: Thanks for the feedback. We have filed a ticket for this. Will take this up in one of the future updates.


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