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List of question


My questions are as follows...

  1. I want to create character biography ? like a toolbox, where i can create character physicality (mustache, beard, bald, always wear white shirt, wear gem stones in index finger), and also character traits like what  he likes, his favourite food, car he drives ? his inner personality, outer personality. and also character relationship.lets say this character x relationship with character y and z...how he behaves with this characters y? and so on.. and finally which actor i want to play this character?
  2. where is Character arc ? this is one of the most essential component of story.. how the character evolved over a story ? can we see it ?
  3. How to create character mapping ? i have seen what you have show story structure.. like a diagram that visually show how the story flows...similary is it possible to have character mapping.. like what is the character relationship between x, y,z..who is related to whom..how are those relationship ? this is mainly useful when we have many characters in a story.. think of it like in Game of thrones.. it would be difficult to remember the relationship of all characters in mind.
  4. is it  possible to have voice options in the tools ? like the dialogues in the story. i would like to say it and record it and it will appear in the screenplay like in a small icon. when i play it, i can hear the dialogue how the actors will have to say the dialogue.  ofcourse it cant come in papers when we print it. but can be great addition when we narrate the story to the director or producer and play the audio.. also it would be great to have same audio option for scene setting.what are the props needed, how the scene will look ? what color would be costumes be ? sometimes an audio recording is far better than writing 1000 words. so i can recollect how i conceived my scenes.
  5. where is story beat ? this is essential part of screenplay writing.

Thanks for webinar today. It was highly useful. Will use it and come up with more question. Kudos again for this great effort.  God bless



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Prashanth Udupa

Voice notes is something we were planning to include in a future update. Using that one can record narration for the entire screenplay or for just a dialogue.

We have some draft ideas for capturing character arcs, but we haven't worked more on that for a while. We hope to finish the current backlog of tasks before we get there.

Along with Storyboarding and Shot Listing, we are hoping to also add features for capturing data about casting as well.

@rify : We appreciate you sharing your imagination and dreams for the #Scrite app. Thanks for sharing this. Many of the things you are suggesting here is going to be included in future updates.

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Thanks Prashanth... appreciate your prompt response. As of now, Double thumps up for the software. that too its comes absolutely free. we owe you big time  ! God bless. Looking forward for all your future update.  Cheers, Rify

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Prashanth Udupa