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Lock file

always Lock file disturb working speed its generating within some minute we go to folder and we have to delete the file then only its start access to work.  

@shridhar-ks: The lock file is meant for solving an compelling problem. Please read this to know more: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/sync-scrite-documents-across-windows-macos-and-linux-desktops/

The way lock file works is like this:

  1. Open a file in Scrite, lock file gets created.
  2. Close the file in Scrite, lock file gets deleted.

Some of our users share their Scrite files on Google Drive, One Drive etc with other writers who collaborate with them. For them,

  1. When the first writer opens a file in Scrite, lock file gets created.
  2. Collaborator opens the same file, gets notified that file is locked.

While you can manually delete the .lock file, its a simple co-operative mechanism to ensure that two writers (or two instances) don't end up overwriting a file.

Sometimes if Scrite is gets terminated (maybe because the app crashed or for any other reason), the .lock file will remain on the disk. In such cases, you can simply delete the lock file and reopen the document.

@shridhar-ks: Any update on this? Did the pointers help?

I understood the process. and Its useful thank you 

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