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Mind Map

It would be awesome if we can have a mindmap feature. To plot alternative endings and also it is useful when we are writing the first draft to throw ideas to see what works.

Please see cloverapp.co also. It would be awesome and really ground breaking if we get a feature like that app.

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@sahil-shah: Yes, this is a good idea. We plan to have a flow-chart like UI at some point so that writers can capture multi-path screenplays, like the one they leverage for creating films like Bandersnatch (Netflix).

Writers across the world seem to prefer using index cards and an act-wise row layout. In the next update, we are updating the UI of the structure canvas to provide a beat-board like layout. Attached is a screenshot of what that would look like. We hope to release the next update later this month.

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Thanks. So glad to hear that. Please visit cloverapp also once, it is the best notebook. We can also adopt some of the feature for our scrite.