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Moving to Qt 5.15.1

Right now Scrite uses Qt 5.13.2. In this thread, lets capture a bunch of TODOs so that we are able to upgrade to Qt 5.15.1 & beyond.

This thread was created based on @prashanthudupa's discussion with gnittala on this GitHub ticket here: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/177

Before I go into the TODO around the object registration, want to check if with Qt 5.15.1 are there any licensing differences I need to consider, as compared to the 5.13.2 and if so I want to switch to the right version asap.

And initial notes

  1. In the .pro file any specific reason the DESTDIR = $$PWD/../Release/. Is this a standard to follow ?
  2. Did anyone notice lag with 5.13.2 ? I saw lag in the responsiveness with my build. I will try to uninstall 5.15.1 and try with 5.13.2 and see if this is my machine issue or a Qt one. After that will try to get the profiler results to share
  3. @prashanthudupa mentioned checking the object-registration - this will take me a bit of time to figure out. Any pointers on this from the community to check ?


@gnittala: You can use the GPL / LGPL license of Qt to build the Scrite code. Not an issue. Using Qt 5.13.2 makes it easy to build - because that's the version I use for developing Scrite. At some point we do want to move to 5.15.x, hence this thread.

We do have AppImages for Ubuntu available on our website. So, you can download the prebuilt binaries and see if it works any better. https://www.scrite.io/index.php/download-linux/

I mostly use Scrite on my Mac, where there is no delay. Whenever I have used it on Linux, to test builds before I put them out, it seems to work fine. But I may not have paid enough attention to it.

The DESTDIR line is used the way it is used so that it plays nice with our package and deploy scripts.

Perhaps you can begin by building Scrite on your computer. Once we have that out of the way, you can try removing all qmlRegister...<> lines in main.cpp and use QML_ELEMENT macros instead on the classes which were being registered as types. You can check if the app still works as it was before. Although qmlRegisterType<> still works on Qt 5.15, so we don't __have__ to force ourselves to do that change right away. This can take time, there is no hurry. I. don't see us moving to Qt 5.15.x before we reach 1.0 stable release of Scrite.