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Noun Library (Reference Wiki / Show Bible)

So I've been using Scrite lately for a rather large scale project (tv show spanning a handful of seasons -- adapted from a book series) and I've experienced a couple of pain points that lead to my desire for a new feature: A reference library of nouns used in the story (characters, settings, conceptual / effects -- think the Matrix as a concept, or specific details of what Bullet Time should look like).

On a project this size there are tons of details spread throughout the books that  need to be consolidated into central points (little offhand descriptions of characters -- are they tall? Do they have a shrill voice? Are they always angry? Did they get bullied as a kid?). Obviously if the detail is important enough the screenplay writer should explicitly state the character speaks with a shrill voice. But when you have an endless amount of such details, some of which are important to keep in mind, but might never be directly stated in the screenplay itself, distilling them into profiles for each character or location or idea allows you to build a reference guide you can quickly look at for that kind information to keep things consistent. Many series make Show Bibles for this purpose. For someone like me it prevents me from combing through the books themselves over and over. At the moment I have to maintain my own version of this.

The feature I'm imagining would effectively function as a small wiki. Each noun would have it's own profile/notes, and the user could embed links in this profile to other relevant nouns. Technically the anyone could do this already with a separate piece of software that allows you to make a wiki (Zim is an example of such a thing).

The advantage of embedding something like that into Scrite is that a user could easily add pre-existing noun from the library into the screenplay. And when that noun makes an appearance in the screenplay, it would be a clickable link that allows the user to quickly access the noun's profile (just make it visually apparently that it's a link to the reference). You could have the library populated with any number of nouns that don't ever make an appearance directly in the screenplay, but are relevant to the backstory.

As far as implementation goes, I'm imaging adding a 4th tab on the main toolbar (after Screenplay / Structure / Scripted tab).  Maybe just named Library (or Bible -- not sure the best name). In that tab you would have Character/Locations/Concepts lists (with search bars). You could click on a noun and you would see it's profile/reference page. You could add and remove nouns through the lists. When in the screenplay mode, when you click on a reference-link it would take you to the reference page, but there should be some form of back button navigation to quickly take the user back to the same place in the screenplay.

On a technical level, since a series will have a large number of individual scripts (1 per episode) but it's the same story / universe it would be good if the reference library can be referenced by multiple scripts. So maybe make the reference wiki a separate file with a .sbible extension, and allow the user to say they want to reference that bible in this screenplay. Then the program itself dynamically generates the links in screenplay as it's loaded (to avoid links to something that may have been deleted in an updated version of the bible file).

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@julyfortoday: Extraordinary feature request. We appreciate the effort you took to describe it in such detail. We will surely take it up.