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I am a FILM MAKER and Technician in the Indian Film Industry for 30 Plus Years, I have worked with all major script Writing software's,  you have plugged all the gaps those software's have in an Indian Specific Scenario, and at the same time at the International Level also,  you created an excellent Solution, I cannot appreciate you enough for your efforts...you gave me assurance the future of Humanity is in good hands and hope that there are still some people who are not hell-bent upon driving ourselves towards destruction with mindless pursuit of profit at any cost

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@rasool-ellore: Thank you very much for your kind and generous words of appreciation 🙏🏻

We are happy to hear from you that Scrite addresses several pain points of the Indian Screenwriter. A post like this from a senior writer like you means a lot. It gives us confidence that we are headed in the right direction. Thanks very much.