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opening the file/issue

I wrote a screenplay and saved it as a .scrite file. I am using it on OS. I am now unable to open the file upon double clicking. The dialogue box appears to "choose application" When I do pull down the list of application from that Scrite though installed isn't highlighted to be chosen. However the application opens when you launch it for a new document. In that too if I try to open the same saved earlier file.. it doesn't open and the pop up msg says the file was created using the upgraded version. Funny thing is I created the file using the same application on the same computer.

@amirjaffar: This may be due the the security settings on your macOS. Until we put Scrite on the App Store, Mac's may not register the file extension as documented. Or maybe we are missing out some additional keys for accomplishing this.

In any case, you can select "All Applications" in the combobox, select Scrite and check "Always Open" on the Open With dialogue box.



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@amirjaffar: I regularly transfer Scrite documents created on my Mac to a Windows PC and open it on that. It works fine for me. If Scrite is reporting version mismatch then it means what it reports. Please check the version number by clicking on the About Box (the TERFILIX icon on the top right of the Window).

I saw there was an update available of Scrite. installed that on Mac OS and now the problem seems to be fixed. I can open .scrite files on my mac that i created on it. Thanks.

That's great. Thanks for the update @amirjaffar