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other feature request

I am not sure whether these features were already been requested or discussed earlier.  and please consider if possible.

(Note: I am a new user of Scrite & writing the first screenplay with Scrite.  Not explored all the options yet.)

  1. Text formatting (text style / font / font size / text color & so on) in Comment & Notes section.
  2. Ordering of characters in the list. Currently, characters are listed in alphabetical order. so, my protagonist is at the 20th number. I prefer to have a list of characters according to importance. So better if I can move characters above or below
  3. Grouping of characters - Just a big list doesn't help much. Can the characters be grouped by aliases in the character list? It will help
  4. Character additional Attributes (filed): Few attributes can be added by default, like - Proposed Artists, Character's characteristics, Appearance/look, Attire & so on.
  5. Hide the characters row and synopsis row in the scene in "screenplay mode" (option in Setting )

@prasadk: Rich text has been a requested feature for a while now, we hope to get to it in a future update.

Thanks for your suggestion about character lists. We think it's a really good idea. Will make note.

Scrite already provides a place in Notebook to capture various attributes about characters. Please lookup: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/notebook-revamped/

You can hide characters list in the screenplay editor tab: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/quick-start/#chapter10_distraction_free_writing

@teriflix : Thanks for the reply. #5 worked for me with your suggestion.

I got it for #4. Just one "good to have" suggestion - 'Character Interview' & 'Character Sketch' can be added from the character (from RMB popup) list itself? anyways, its not big issue. I could grab it from Notes.