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Print Error - Title page Zoomed out

Hi Scrite team ,

I've come across a weird scenario.  When Printing (Export > PDF)  the title page is zoomed out.  So small , one cannot read it.

see attached screenshot of title page and script (side-by-side).

Also, I've tried restore defaults in settings > page layout - but nothing helps.

please fix this asap.


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  • scrite-print-error-title-page-zoom.jpg
  • scrite-print-error-settings-default.jpg

@filmyartsglobal: Can you please share with me some information about the computer you are using? Specifically

  • If laptop, make and model number.
  • If you are connected to an external display, then the resolution of the external display
  • Post a screenshot of your Settings > Additional tab.

We are able to get proper PDF rendering on our Windows PCs, as can be seen in the attached screenshot.

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  • working_title_page.jpg

Hi Prashant ,

I've used the latest version of Scrite 0.6.0 Beta  on Windows x64.

Also tried reinstalling it twice .. but not helping.  Same small font on Title Page.  Script pages look fine.

see additional settings screenshot herewith attached, as requested.

Is it possible to reset "Complete Settings" for Scrite ?  (can't find it).

- Harpreet Singh

Uploaded files:
  • scrite-Additional-Settings.png

@filmyartsglobal: All the settings are stored in %APPDATA%\TERIFLIX\Scrite\settings.ini. If you delete the ini file, it will regenerate all previously stored settings and start afresh.

We are trying to reproduce the title-page-small-font issue. We are unable to figure out why the fonts are so small on your computer.

Can you create a sample Scrite document, with some title page fields on your computer and send it to us?

thank you Prashant ji.

I found the file, took backup. Restarted Scrite. New ini file generated. Compared the two files (old & new).  (see attached)
Here's my findings - one of these could possibly have triggered the small font issue & maybe more. (but not 100% sure).

Generated new script PDF - with all correct Fonts.  (attached PDF file).


Installation settings - timestamp & path - were OLD in older file - it was not changing,
even after installing different Beta versions, and re-installing 0.6.0 version twice.

timestamp=Sat Sep 26 21:52:27 2020

Now, with newly generated settings file, there is new timestamp, and path is updated as per Scrite installation. ( just regenerated settings ).

Not sure, Why ? 
Could this have broken the code ?

timestamp=Tue Mar 23 23:31:38 2021



Transliteration settings - available in old file , but missing in newly generated file.

activeLanguages=English, Hindi, Punjabi
Punjabi_Font=Baloo Paaji 2



Used Templates earlier - to see how structure of my script is evolved.  Here's the list of templates used.
My doubt is on using 40-Scene Template, since after that - the problem started appearing.

files=D:/script/Templates/40-Scene-4-ACT/40-Scene-4-Act-Script.scrite, D:/script/Templates/Beat-Sheet-NFS/Beat-Sheet-template.scrite, D:/script/Templates/Save-The-Cat-Blake/Save-The-Cat-Blake-Snyder.scrite, D:/script/Templates/Hero-Journey/Hero-Journey.scrite



Scrited settings - video playback with script - missing in newly generated file. 

lastOpenScritedFolderUrl=file:///C:/Users/small/Pictures/Video Projects



Uploaded files:

Sample-Script   file attached for reference, as requested.

please note - this is saved on newly generated settings file.


Uploaded files:

@filmyartsglobal: Good to know that the title page on PDF export issue got resolved. Not sure what went wrong before.

Contents of the settings.ini file are generated as required. Not all parameters are written up front, default values are used initially and they are written to the settings.ini file as usage progresses. If you want to understand how this works, please feel free to pull a copy of the code from GitHub and look it up for yourself.

@filmyartsglobal: The next time you face the title page issue, may we invite you to check something?

  1. Download the latest nightly build 0.6.1c from https://www.scrite.io/index.php/downloads/#nightly_builds
  2. Go to Settings > Additional
  3. Change the PDF Export setting to "Printer Driver". It will be "PDF Driver" by default. Refer to the attached screenshot.

NOTE: Let Scrite use the default setting for now. Change it to "Printer Driver" only when you face the title page issue and let us know if it resolves the problem in anyway.


Uploaded files:
  • pdf-printer-setting.jpg

thanks for the fix and info.  great work !

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