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Printing scenes on new page with synopses

Hi. First, thanks for the great software. My one big frustration is the UI is wonky and doesn't follow conventions. Other than that I am stumbling around fairly productively and really like what you have done. I like the concept of being scene-centric. That is how I think about movies and plays.

My question is this:

Is there a way to have all scenes start on a new page when printed out? If not, it seems like it would be easy to add this as an option in Settings. Also, having the synopsis and character list print out would be extremely helpful. This may not be standard industry formatting, but it is for me personally. I would like to print out the script and use a hard copy next to my computer.

@chcooper: While exporting to PDF, you can use the checkboxes highlighted in the attached screenshot. There is also a setting for turning character list on/off.

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  • print_scene_on_new_page.jpg

I am such an idiot. I was sure I had seen such options but I couldn't find them for the life of me. So, I assumed I must have seen them in one of the demos I've played around with. Just now, I was looking for a print function, thinking that if I could just print out the screenplay from screenplay mode, I would have everything I want. I couldn't find a print function. (Maybe you could add one in the future.) So, I decided to export the screenplay to a text file. I chose Open Document Format and there they were. All the options just as you illustrate. Thanks. I am a noob.

@chcooper: You are right. We should include a print function in the app. We have made a note of it. It is a low hanging fruit and we should be able to put it together quickly.