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I have observed there other problems as well; while working with the HINDI font.

While typing plural form of various words, 'ANUSVARA' needs to be added at the end, in SCRITE which is 'M'. However, if the word is ending with the svara 'O' ,  adding 'M'  at the end makes it 'OM' .

I have tried a work around -- that is to type the word first and to hit the space bar so that the word converts  in to HINDI font and to hit the backspace and later adding 'M'. 

But this is a big hassle, we can not be shifting back and forth to type a single word. There will be a lot of plural forms that will need OM.

I am attaching few examples in the screen shots.


Sorry I edited because the screenshots were a bit blurred.


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@vishala-ramachandra-mahale Unfortunately, we cannot get "static transliterations" to work any better than they already are. We recognise that it users have to spend time to learn ways to accurately transliterate. Many of our users have figured out ways to type their words

Having said that, you can use input methods from your Windows or macOS with Scrite. This is usually a lot more accurate than the built-in transliterator. You can read all about it here: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/using-input-methods/