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Request Unicode Fonts Support and Shot List

Hi, I'm Sri Lankan our Language is Sinhala. when I try to type scripts in Sinhala language we cannot use Unicode or default language style in Scrite. I have attached some sample image. I can copy and paste Unicode file but I cannot type the Unicode word.

And can you add shot list function for the future updates.

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  • Screenshot_3.jpg

@neilsmaya: In a future update we plan to expand language support to include those not listed in the language menu. 

Meanwhile, have you tried changing your OS input method to Sinhala and then typing in Scrite?

Yes .But it didn’t work.that’s why I ask your support . Thanks for the quick response 

@neilsmaya: I don't know Sinhala, please pardon any goofups in my writing. I added an input source for Sinhala in my Mac and typed something. It did seem to work for me. What OS are you using Scrite on?

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  • Typing-In-Sinhala.gif

I’m using windows 10 OS. I have installed input tools from the internet but it didn’t work for me. It’s nice to hear that it’s working on Mac. 

@neilsmaya: Just tried on Windows 10, it seems to work. Again pardon any goofups in my writing, I don't know Sinhala.

I added Sinhala to Language in Windows 10 Settings. It took a few minutes to download the language pack and enable a keyboard input method. It seems to work right out of the box.

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  • Sinhala-Language-In-Windows-10.JPG
  • Sinhala-Language-Options-In-Windows-10.JPG
  • Sinhala-Language-In-Scrite-Windows-10.JPG

@neilsmaya: Can you share some information about the input tools you have downloaded and installed?

Thank you for the quick response. It's seem to be something wrong with my OS. I will try it again. Anyway I have try to type unicode words in my mac it's work for me. No worries luckily  there is no goof-up in your sinhala :).Thanks

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  • Screenshot-2021-12-15-at-19.51.58.png
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Prashanth Udupa

Sorry I didn't see that you ask for the input tool name of that i used. this is the link of the tool . https://www.helakuru.lk/keyboard

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  • Screenshot-2021-12-15-at-20.16.29.png
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Prashanth Udupa