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scene heading box

Many thanks for this wonderful software.. I have just started using this today and really excited with the outlook.. I have one request.. The scene box that pops up is fixed.. It will be very useful, If you can make that box user friendly so that we can make the outline of box bigger and smaller as per our screen size requirements.. Hope, you will look into that..

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Prashanth Udupa

@ajit-kumar-rameshwarbandi - Can you share a screenshot of the issue you are facing? I am not sure what you are referring to when you say scene-heading-box.

Perhaps you can upload a screenshot to your Google Drive (or OneDrive) and share the link here. For some reason, this forums software that we are using is not allow me to enable file uploads.

Hi Prashanth,

Not sure if this point was continued but I think, I understand what he is referring to and will email the attachment related to the same.

Just for the sake of reference, I think, he is talking about the SCENE "BOX" that gets created under the STRUCTURE tab on the left hand upper side (STRUCTURE CANVAS, as you call it in the TUTORIAL). So, when the feature "ADD SCENE" is clicked, a "BOX" gets created and is limited in it's size. While the TITLE space can be edited from here, there is no way to increase the typing area or even use "Enter" key to make way for a new line. The only way this gets done now is via the "SCREENPLAY" tab where the option to type the details is available on the right hand side.



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Prashanth Udupaanilsknp

@krh Thanks for this note and the email also. We were finally able to enable file uploads in the forum, so you should be able to attach screenshots from now on. I have taken the liberty of uploading attachments you had sent on email in this post.

Scene boxes expand as you type more text into it. So, no need of manually resizing them before writing text. But I get that users can create new lines in the synopsis box on the screenplay editor and not on structure. That's something we can address.


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