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Screen play structure

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How could I export screenplay structure.......? 


We had a structure canvas to PDF exporter at one point. But the generated PDF files featured a single large page, which when printed caused the text to look very small on a typical A4 sheet.
We wanted to explore ways to split the structure into multiple pages, but we couldn't do it consistently well across all documents. Instead of bundling a poorly working PDF exporter, we chose to discontinue it. We are yet to put together an export for the structure canvas.
As of now, there is no way to visualise the index cards without opening the .scrite file using Scrite.
But we understand the need for this feature. As a feedback,
- let us know what would be your preferred exported file format. Would you prefer PDF, SVG, HTML?
- why would you want to export the structure canvas? Is it for sharing with others or for making presentations? Or for pasting it on a board?

Hey, Scrite thank you for the reply.

  1. I would prefer the pdf format.
  2.  The reason why I need to export screenplay structure is, at the very first stage of my writing is to draft a screenplay structure and ask my friend's opinion on it so I could get feedback from them.

    So I would ask you to give this update in the next few days.
    THANK YOU..........................

@gurukiran: Thank you for your response. We have asked for feedback from a few other users who had requested for this. We are waiting to hear from them.

We cannot commit to any timelines for any product version. We will be sure to post updates as soon as they are ready. Thank you.

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@gurukiran: Since Scrite is free anyway, perhaps you can email the Scrite file itself to your friends and ask for opinion. Just wondering if that is an option you can consider. If not, why?

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@gurukiran: You can download the latest 0.6.1a nightly build from here: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/downloads/#nightly_builds

You will notice Screenplay Structure item in the Export menu as shown in the attached screenshot. Try exporting your structure to PDF and let us know if that worked for you.

The generated PDF is easy to share. It is a single page PDF file that people can view on their computers, zoom in/out easily.

If you want to print it, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Using this you can break apart the one page and print it across several pages. The corresponding dialogue box is shown in the attached screenshot.

Uploaded files:
  • structure-pdf-export.jpg
  • structure-pdf-export-print-options.jpg
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Hey, Scrite thanks for the latest nightly build update,

As I am a Linux user there is no appimage file in your downloads and I do know that you will update/add  it, When the download file is available,  i do share my feedback on it.
And once agin, Thank's for the update.

THANK YOU SCRITE.................

@gurukiran: An AppImage is now uploaded.

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@gurukiran: There was a bug in yesterday's nightly build which caused Subtitle to be printed twice within the title-card on the Structure PDF. This issue is now resolved. Please download and use 0.6.1c build that is available now. https://www.scrite.io/index.php/downloads/#nightly_builds

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Does the screenplay format separate the title page from the script? It's hard to know due to the unusual formatting that makes it appear there's no separation. Thanks

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