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Screenplay Reader / Read Aloud

I haven't been able to find a feature like this in any of the screenplay software (for desktop):
A playback mode that uses text-to-speech to read the script.

I did find an app called Script Reader on Android. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it to work correctly (importing issues), so I have no idea whether it's any good.

I was using a text-to-speech app to read a book to me (poor man's audiobook). It occurred to me: it would be great to be able to experience my screenplay like this. Of course, a screenplay is just text, so you can. But it get's pretty tedious and breaks the flow when it reads every character name before any dialog. And it's all one voice.

I am imagining something like one of those old radio shows. You'd hear a main narration voice reading actions, and different voices doing the dialog. Sluglines and character names would be ignored by TTS. Instead you could have that a visual component that displayed them. So during the course of a scene, you visually "see" the setting (even if it's just a slugline) and as a character speaks their dialog, you "see" them (even if it's just their name). The dialog itself  is spoken aloud, and the descriptions of actions taken by characters is spoken aloud (by a neutral narrator).

Scrite has a playback feature for syncing existing movies with their scripts. Which is good for dissecting completed movies. This feature would be similar, a sort of player. Except this would have the opposite goal in mind, providing the most basic/minimalistic way of having your original script "performed" and "visualized", without going into a full-blown storyboard.

And possibly this feature could allow the user to assign a particular voice and color to a character (and 2 assignable colors making a gradient for  a particular location/setting). Super basic but would allow enough visual/audio difference and appeal to keep things from getting monotonous.

I added some images to show what the visual component might look like.



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@julyfortoday: Thanks for describing this feature request in such detail. We will surely take this up. Really appreciate this!