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Script cannot be Saved

I have recently updated to Windows 11 and installed scrite and started working on a script and when I tried to save my script it refuses to save it please help...



@rasool-ellore: Although we have not tested Scrite with Windows 11, we don't see a reason why Scrite will not be able to save. Can you please record a video explaining the issue, upload to your Google Drive and share a link to that video here?

I have tried saving a fresh script and was able to save it...but the previous one I cannot...I guess its one off occurrence...If it repeats I will post the recording

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I exported Joker's script in open document format just to see if the feature works properly before i start working on screenplay in scrite but it's just not able to open the file in ms word.

Please look into it and fix it.

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@pavangangawane: You are using an old version of Microsoft Office in which they did not support Open Document Format.

Kindly ask Microsoft to look into it and fix it. They may listen to you.