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Scrite File Not Opening

I saved it earlier and now it's not opening. Please help. What to do? Even the backups aren't opening, I tried all of them.

Uploaded files:
  • image_2020-12-14_154405.png

Dev, please suggest what steps to follow and a suggestion that please make scrite file format openable by winrar or something so we can extract information if the file gets corrupted.

@sahil-shah: We had a ticket around this a long time ago, but it was fixed. We haven't heard from other users about an issue like this, so this may be a very specific corner case. Thanks for sending sample files, we will look it up and debug it.

Please consider file format renaming for content extraction.

@sahil-shah: That's a good feedback. We did think about using a simple PKZIP format before. But at some point we want to take a shot at encrypting / locking Scrite files, much like the way ebooks are DRM locked. We felt that it would be a good idea to fully own the file format, although technically it is possible to DRM lock files by using a standard PK-ZIP format as well. Besides changing the format now will also mean we have to retain backward compatibility with the existing file format, which is a bit of work although not impossible.

Anyways, this is good feedback. We will consider it. Thanks for caring enough to share your feedback. Really really appreciate it. 🙏🏻

@sahil-shah: From 0.5.5 (which is at least a few weeks if not a month away), we are moving away from our own zlib based format to a standard ZIP format.

Thank you so much!!!!