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SCRITE - Screenwriting for all in future.

Still it maybe early to say, but here it is ...

SCRITE will be the de-facto standard for all Screenwriting (big or small) in near future.

Many Screenwriting Tools are available - Free and Licensed , but Scrite seem to capture the very best features from the lessons learnt in using the majority of them.

For past 2 years, I've spent good amount of time in evaluating - what software meets the best use and needs for me, namely --- Celtx, Trelby, StudioBinder, Movie Magic Screenwriter, WriterDuet, FadeIn, ---- but each one focuses on technically advancing one or two features, or high pricing.

Whereas, SCRITE focused on entire Writing Process - from Story Concept, Design, Structure, Cards, Screenplay, Templates, Reporting, industry updates, and more.


And Yes, I'm using SCRITE for writing a (Hindi) Web-series, (English) Shorts and (Punjabi) Feature Film...

--- all in one place, productively, and without ever loosing story context or structure.  that's a huge time saving.


Well Done SCRITE team !!

Keep it Coming .. Keep it Growing !!

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Thank you @filmyartsglobal for your testimonial and generous dose of encouragement and pat-on-the-back. We are very happy to note that you are using Scrite to write your web-series, shorts and feature films. We look forward to seeing it when you release them.