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Scrite Script Right-hand margin

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Quote from bidmead on July 23, 2021, 3:53 pm

While I'm here, I feel I should say something about the Joker script we've been discussing. I've already mentioned that the formatting as shown in Scriptalay (great idea, by the way) is very different from the formatting in the original copy of that same version. Action paragraphs are run together in the Scriptalay version, depriving them of much-needed breathing-(white)space.

This Joker script is something else altogether. It's an inside script that's already by-passed the gate-keeper. It may not have been fully green-lighted at this stage, but that's going to be up to studio execs well above the gate-keepers pay grade.

Thanks for pointing this out. We will fix the import errors and upload a new copy soon.

Our goal with Scriptalay was to provide a mix of screenplays for (a) taking a look at how a long screenplay looks in Scrite, (b) read, learn and get inspired by works of others and (c) trying out all features of Scrite (esp reports) against an existing screenplay, so that a prospective user can test drive features before writing their own.

You are right, the one we have on Scriptalay for Joker has several import errors and they must be fixed.

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