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Hi.   When you load a movie and a script into Scrited when you jump to Screenplay or some other tab and then comeback to scrited, the movie it´s gone, you have to load it again.

@ricardo: That's right. The Scrited tab was introduced with an intent to create synchronised film and screenplay presentations. The idea was that by the time one gets to the Scrited tab writing and filming is done, so all that's left to do is synchronise scenes.

Since we don't store the film itself with the screenplay file, we don't retain the loaded film video once the user switches tab. However any offsets that were previously assigned will be stored in a JSON file within the same folder as the video. Scrite loads those offsets when you load the video again. This way you wont have to assign video offsets each time you switch tabs, unless the scene order and/or count changes drastically and previous offsets can no longer be used.

@ricardo: Just FYI - film video can be drag-dropped on to the Scrited tab.

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Understood, thank you. It´s good it will retain the offsets 😃