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song duration in the story length

Hi, is it possible to mention song length in any scene so that the entire story length gets updated automatically?

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for example, i ave a story length of 100 min. if i add another scene which has a song in it and mention song length is 4 min. Can the length of the story become 104 min? Also,  im using Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Plot Structure. how do i incorporate it in scrite? and the title page index colors are too pale.

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@vijayvarma-r: This is not possible as yet. Right now time estimates are purely based on page count and time-per-page setting. But this is a good idea. Perhaps we can take it up in a future update.

Regarding using your own structure, please read this: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/tag-your-index-cards/ (scroll down to the section titled Creating Custom Tags)

thank you.  i have one more query. i have named a character as X. if i want to change its name to Y , can i edit the name at one place instead of editing across the story?

@vijayvarma-r: For now, you will have to rename the character in every scene. You could use the Find & Replace option to make the process simple.