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Song/Music Reference

Dear Praveen & Prashanth,

Firstly hearty congratulations on developing such a flexible, user-friendly & great platform at the same time for screenwriters! Very much appreciated!!

I was wondering if you can introduce a "multimedia feature" where we can import a song while briefing a scene. Take an instance where for hero introduction I'm planning to play "Baazigar O Baazigar.. tu yeh bada dilbar.." song in TV/Radio just to tell his character.

I can write it in words briefing it but when a reader is able to listen to it while he is reading that particular scene, it surely enhances the reading experience & helps them to get the visual mood more strongly!

It should be accessible even when we export it to .pdf format since common people (non-industry) won't be having Scrite! So only PDF format comes in the picture for them.

Best Wishes. Thanks!!

Deepak Madhuvanahalli

Hello @deepak-madhuvanahalli:

Thank you so much for your kind words and for being an early adopter of Scrite. When Praveen and I look back, you have been among the earliest adopters of Scrite. Thanks for helping it grow!

Regarding your feedback,

  • Audio & Video attachments: This is in our roadmap. We will get around to it in one of the future updates. Another early adopter who had sent in this request had another use case in mind. He wanted to record dialogue renditions along with scenes, so that he can capture the tone and diction of the dialogue delivery.
  • Exporting audio/video notes into PDF is a good option - we will explore that too.

Thank you for your feedback. Really appreciate you taking out time to write this.

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Deepak Madhuvanahalli