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Spell Check Not working

The spell-check feature isn't working, I tried turning it on and off several times and even reinstalled the application. But still the issue exists.

@anshusaw - can you share more details? Like what OS you are using the app on, what version of Scrite etc? You can upload a screenshot demonstrating the spell check issue to this topic.

OS: Windows 10

Scrite Version 0.4.18


Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-2020-10-01-221326.jpg

@anshusaw: Thanks for this. We now have a bug ticket for this: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/181.

@anshusaw: Can you please update to 0.5 beta and check if this issue has been resolved? After you comment on this thread - we will close the ticket on GitHub.

Yes, it's fixed now. Spell Check working.

That's great. Thanks for the confirmation @anshusaw!