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'sticky note' like feature

There should be a feature which lets you write an important note associated with a line from screenplay. For example, my character reveals some information at some point, and i think this information can be revealed earlier, then i should be able to write this thought close to that dialogue line. the sticky note can be hidden and only some indicative sign can be there showing that there is a note associated with this line, and when we click on that sign the note appears.

if there is some other feature in scrite currently which lets user achieve this purpose then let me know.


I just realised there is 'notebook' feature in scrite which can be used for the above mentioned purpose. I'd still love it if i can get some indication that there is a note associated with this scene in 'notebook.'

Also, in notebook section, there is a vertical bar at right hand side, where there are usually 2 tabs- story and any particular scene. Even if i write notes for multiple scenes, only 1 tab for one selected scene is shown in that bar. I think for each scene i have written a note for, there should be a tab dedicated to that. Also, on the bottom timeline in the notebook section, there should be some indication showing for which scenes there are notes. Either of these two suggestion can work. Having both might be redundant, i am not sure.

@digant: Yes, @suryavasishta and I are working on a UI design that lets us merge notebook and screenplay tab into one. In fact we are hoping to merge all tabs in a few updates from now.

The current Notebook tab UI is built such that it shows the following tabs

  1. Story tab - for capturing story level notes.
  2. Current scene tab - for capturing notes of the currently selected scene on the timeline
  3. One tab for every character that you explicitly add.

Having an icon for indicating scenes with notes is a really good idea. We can include that in the next update, a ticket for the same can be found here: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/163

@digant: Just FYI - there has been an update on the GitHub ticket.

Hey @prashanthudupa, this looks perfect. Will those icons be present in the screenplay tab also? (Maybe near the heading of the scene?) Just something to think about.

@digant :Like I said in a previous reply on this thread, we are planning to merge notebook and screenplay into a single tab. That's a far better solution to this.

Sounds great! Also thanks for the quick action on the suggestion 🙂