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Story Tab


Great software.

It would help a lot if you could provide a separate story tab in addition to the Screenplay, Structure and Notebook tabs.

It would be easier if the basic detailed story/treatment/outline could be written in the same software.

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@amolkapole: Many of our early adopters use scene synopsis box to capture outlines. https://youtu.be/7skB8UKu3qM?t=444. Do watch this video if you have not already done so.

If you want to capture logline or the overall concept or story in one or more paragraphs, you can always add a note in the Story section of the notebook tab and capture some text in there.

If you still feel a separate story panel is required, can you paint a picture of what that story tab would look like? For instance, what would the story tab contain that is not already in synopsis box or the Notebook tab?

It can be like a blank MS Word page where one can write story in a free flow.

Thank you for this request.  However, I'd prefer to have 'Files' tab or option instead, where I can add free form files like images, text, word, excel, ppt or a zip file.   It really helps keeping all together , as in Celtx or WriterDuet.

@amolkapole@filmyartsglobal: Can you pull the latest nightly build and checkout the new notebook?


Uploaded files:
  • new-notebook.png

The new nightly build can be downloaded from: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiXlTgnIRBtZgZkUMef30xtTOJBQ1A?e=fGumef

In the new notebook, you can

  1. Capture free flowing notes
  2. Create multiple notes per scene & character.
  3. Capture episode and act summaries
  4. Add structured forms to characters. (Right now we bundle a few forms via Scriptalay, we will eventually allow users to create their own forms)


Uploaded files:
  • 1-free-flowing-notes.png
  • 2-episode-summary.png
  • 3-drag-and-drop-attachments.gif
  • 4-structured-character-form-notes.png

These are great additions. Thanks for adding separate story notes tab. Although it is not visible in the ribbon in the Windows version.

It feels more sorted and one gets better sense of the structure.

Character interview and character sketch tabs will also be very helpful.

Feels much more efficient to work with these additions.

Kudos for a great improvement!

Thanks @amolkapole for sharing your thoughts about the feature.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by "Although it is not visible in the ribbon in the Windows version."