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Story Tab


Great software.

It would help a lot if you could provide a separate story tab in addition to the Screenplay, Structure and Notebook tabs.

It would be easier if the basic detailed story/treatment/outline could be written in the same software.

@amolkapole: Many of our early adopters use scene synopsis box to capture outlines. https://youtu.be/7skB8UKu3qM?t=444. Do watch this video if you have not already done so.

If you want to capture logline or the overall concept or story in one or more paragraphs, you can always add a note in the Story section of the notebook tab and capture some text in there.

If you still feel a separate story panel is required, can you paint a picture of what that story tab would look like? For instance, what would the story tab contain that is not already in synopsis box or the Notebook tab?