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Storyboarding a Screenplay ?

Celtx and other Screenwriting tools allow Storyboarding as in-built feature.

Adding Sketch / Importing Images / Creating Sequences / Adding Shots / Reordering Shots - are a few features.

And that's very helpful, when concept has to be conveyed to Director or DOP - using 'Play' button to show a SLIDESHOW.

Appreciate having such a great feature as integral part of SCRITE. (maybe better than others).

( screenshot attached from a sample script in Celtx )

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  • Storyboarding-Celtx-screen.jpg

hopefully this is under consideration. we'll see Storyboarding in Scrite soon  🙂

@filmyartsglobal: Yes its definitely in the roadmap. But we have a bunch of other things in pipeline to complete before we can get to that. After a whole year, we thought it was best to spend some time working on stability & performance aspects of the app rather than features. We do have a few features in the pipeline, but they are not drastic. Once we get past 0.6 series, we will have a solid code base to build new features on.

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