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Structure, screenplay and notebook tabs missing along with the options on the left.

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First of all kudos to you'll for such an amazing initiative and making scrite available for free. I am on "Scrite 0.4.18-beta" and I have a minimalistic UI and most of the options on the top left that I saw on your tutorial are missing, there is a drop down instead.  The structure, screenplay and notebook tabs on the top right are also missing completely. Cannot find the red line to drag out (according to one of your answers on one of the queries on the forum). Look forward to hearing from you.

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@govind: Thank you for your kind words. Really appreciate you sharing it here.

The Scrite UI is built for screens with 1366x768 pixels or higher (https://www.scrite.io/index.php/minimum-requirements/) . I guess the MacBook Air you are working on has 1280x800 pixel resolution. At the moment, we are hiding away those tabs for resolutions lower than 1280x800 pixels, because the UI in those tabs looks very crowded. We do hope to figure out a fix for this in a future update. For the moment, may we request you to connect your MacBook to an external monitor with a resolution greater than 1366x768 and use it on that? We realise that this is a rather uncomfortable workaround, but like mentioned before we do hope to fix it in a future update.

@teriflix thank you for the response. Oh... look forward for an update with the fix.

@govind @teriflix

Scrite is growing on me day by day. Thanks for doing such an amazing job.
I have the same issue but when I change the resolution of my Macbook Pro and restart Scrite, they are visible and usable. I hope you will come with a permanent solution like they are hidden in lower resolution yet accessible through keyboard shortcuts.

@govind: Thank you for your kind words Govind! 🙂 We are happy to note that you are enjoying your writing with Scrite.

Regarding the display resolution issue: Yes,  We hope to address this issue very soon: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/183

@govind, @chiragt: Starting with the next version (0.5.0 Beta) it would be possible to switch between tabs using the View menu.

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@teriflix What a relief! Thanks a lot! Now I will be able to go back to the normal resolution on my Mac. Updates will be downloaded automatically, right? Because I don't see any settings related to updating. Or, Am I missing something?

@chiragt: As of now 0.4.18 is current version. We will hopefully release an update in a day or two, at which point you should get a notification for 0.5 beta.

@chiragt, @govind: please upgrade to 0.5 beta and let us know if you are able to switch to Structure and Notebook views.

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Hi @teriflix

Downloaded an installed 0.5 beta and it shows the option to switch to Structure and Notebook. Thanks for the quick work but there seems to be a bug. It doesn't load the Notebook of my old script which I created a few days back in the Scrite itself. Scrite hangs and I have to force quit it.

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