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Suggestion for Inclusion of Synchronized Movie Player into Scrite Screenplay

Based on my observation of this Open Source Application for Script Writing,

I have few suggestions to bring forth :

While studying the script; eg. for plot of characters in specific scenes and its timings can be very well studied with a moving scene next to the screenplay, and be able to write notes according to timeline. and save that itself as a project, for further study.

How this will work is ,

Once the location \ link (online too) of the Movie is imported, it also is attached with subtitles, or can be added separately,

then the 'Scrite-algorithm' shall match the time sequence of the subtitles with the 'dialogues' in the scrite-screenplay,

[ Not all the words in the Scrite screenplay match with subtitles ]

[ please think how this will have to be solved ] My suggestion is:-

[ A boundary condition shall be drawn to only consolidate synchronization of common words/ sentences sequentially ]

[ Assign Timestamp to words ( at beginning of sentences) in Scrite screenplay from the movie subtitles] - task to be used to guide auto-scroll. new parameter for only dialogues, needs to be created.

The auto scroll ( may also be subject to manual override by user like media controls ) which will slide along the running scene in the movie player. [ also scrolling the scrite screenplay should also rewind the movie to that specific dialogue /scene ]              [ so this will be dual channel media control - the scrolling of screenplay also guides the playback of movie, some users don't prefer this :- in this case the media playback synchronization  icon shall disable on the go; and be able to revert on a click.

Or a reference slide pointer shall hover on movie timeline promting the user to rewind / forward accordingly.

If no Subtitle it also can be done this way :- I think this will need Voice recognition module to pre-process voice and output to texts to a file and match with the screenplay on the go... ( i hope this case won't be occurring...)

Anyway the sequence to have this workflow in building this feature is just an idea,  am telling this from users perspective, with a slight understanding of parameters of UI,

This feature will help in making a library of studying movies with screenplay next to it, emphasizing the hard work of writers in calibrating their efforts, throughout the scenes and make notes that never gets exchanged either while watching the movie, or by just reading only the screen play.

Normally people interested in studying movies either with movies one side or script text on another side will find it

very hectic to maneuver and multitask between moving scene to reading by scrolling through script and back to playback. Sometimes ppl take notes of the questions to ponder about, then take time to think why the writer changes the scene here? or why such lightnings here , the camera parameters to note, also the curiousness towards the VFX scene that looks like Real, etc..

I hope this new feature will manifest to bridge the two ends, like 'the Bridge of the done(s) to the begenning(s)'

collocate to say 'Bridging Creations and the Creators' of movies, in this new realm of Technology.

So I hope my suggestions, will bring some light about some insights to its purpose of this feature.

Do Take the part on the very important voting for the Developers at Team Scrite.

Thank You

Prashanth G P [ Mangaluru]

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Prashanth Udupaanilsknp


Sounds like a really cool idea. We should take a stab at this at some point. For version 1.0, we already have our hands full with features. Perhaps we can pick this up once we are past 1.0 Alpha Release.

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This update has been brought to light earlier than mentioned half way last year. Quite the way it was outlined. Hats of to Developers at Team Scrite. Its a step closer for a Library of Movies to Study, in future. Kudos Again. Wish you all a Great Year Ahead.


Thanks @prashanth_gp! We are glad you liked the current implementation. We can continue to exchange ideas to help make it better.

We are studying this problem of syncing video with screenplay a bit more formally. It turns out: there has been a good lot of research in this area. Attached is one such research paper. These are good pointers, but we need something that works for our Indic languages as well. It will be fun to ongoingly improve the solution to this problem.

Having said that, the reason we attach the research paper to this ticket is because it is really really close to what you have mentioned in this ticket back in Aug 2020.

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