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Text formatting?

Preferably Markdown.

@unlimiter: Nope. We are not building a generic one-size-fits-all text editor or text formatter app. We are building a specialised app. Specifically meant for writing screenplays. Even in that, we are not interested in building a Final Draft, Notepad, Word, LibreOffice replacement. We dont want to build a page centric UI.

We want to put together an app that lets users design their stories on structure and then compose their screenplays to match their structures. The app therefore leverages a scene centric UI. So we are less concerned about bold, italics, underline and colouring the text. We are at the moment more interested to provide a specialised UI for crafting the structure and framework of a story & provide good tools to fill story into the tools, specifically in the screenplay format.

Even within the screenplay format, we dont yet support things like dual dialogue for example. We want to, but we are not there yet.

May we recommend that you spend sometime understanding what the app is about, what it intends to accomplish.

As such we do have Fountain importers and exporters: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/fountain-format-in-scrite/

@teriflix How can one emphasize speech in a dialogue then?

@unlimiter: Use a parenthetical to capture the tone or gesture of a dialogue. Use CAPS.

Paragraph types can be formatted using the Settings > Formatting tab. So you can make all character paragraphs show up in Bold for example. But not individual paragraphs.

We have an open ticket for marking fragments of text in bold, italics, underline and color: https://github.com/teriflix/scrite/issues/149. But not prioritised it as yet. As of now the focus is on completing our roadmap in structure tab. Formatting individual fragments of text is something we will get to for sure, but much later.

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