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The scrollbar offset from the window boundary is painful

I would like to see the scroll bar and the window side with no gap in between.

@unlimiter: can you post a screenshot here highlighting the gap in question.


See the gap at the right?

@unlimiter: Why is this painful? I ask because none of our users, who are writers for the most part, have given such feedback.

If its painful to you, that's fine. I get it.

I would really love to know what is "painful" about scrollbar not being on the absolute right edge in general. How exactly does it impact a writer's writing?


@teriflix I'm used to sliding the cursor the the extreme side of the screen. Having to do that then adjust its position a little to hover over the scrollbar is my problem.

@suryavasishta: What do you think about this? Is it a compelling enough issue to look at it right away?