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The study section doesn´t work

I have downloaded Walle-E and it´s screenplay. Thinking that the script and the final product will be closer to reality since they are animated.  Anyways, it´s so hard to match. The Script moves so fast compared to the movie. The fast firward half a second does not work either.

Would love to use this feature since it´s amazing to learn and understand screenwriting but it´s as of now basicly usless :(. Hope you guys can fix it.



@ricardo: The Scrited tab doesn't automatically sync screenplay scroll and video. What it does is assume that each page of the screenplay is 1 minute (by default) and then splits one min segments in the video to match against pages of the screenplay. Some characters dialogues go faster than others, so scrolling has to be faster or slower in such cases. You will need to match the time-codes explicitly for specific videos. Please take a look at the following articles & videos:

  1. https://www.scrite.io/index.php/assigning-time-offsets-for-individual-paragraphs-in-scrited-tab/
  2. https://www.scrite.io/index.php/scrited/
  3. https://youtu.be/11srFNmeXr0

In a future update, we plan to use text-to-speech APIs to match spoken dialogue with screenplay text and compute offsets far more accurately than the current 1-min-per-page -logic can. Until then, it is a bit of manual work.

@teriflix: The issue with 0.5 second jump on some video files is due to a bug in the underlying framework: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-81804. After we release 0.7 beta, we will be upgrading the underlying framework, at which point this bug will get resolved. Until then you can rewind / forward by 10 seconds, play+pause to reach your intended frame.

I understand, yes. Sometimes some dialogue is delivered faster so not easy to match. But even then it´s way off. But I understand it will eventually be easier to use. Love the tool though.  Maybe, I don´t know how hard would it be to better have a shortcut for example to scroll the text as we watch the movie. And maybe if we stop pessing it video and audio will stop.  The thing is for us that english is not ou first language and even if it was, image happenes faster on our brains than words so it´s a bit hard to catch on, unless there would be a way to stop and play both.  I don´t know if I am making sense hehe.. Sorry about my english.


Also I was wondering. Is there a way to remove the watermarks that are added to the video once loaded?

@ricardo: You can't remove watermarks yet.

If you uncheck "Auto Scroll", you can use arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll up and down. To find out other keyboard shortcuts usable in Scrited tab, pull out the Keyboard Shortcuts Dockwidget: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/quick-start/#chapter13_discovering_keyboard_shortcuts


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Yes, that what I thought as an alternative just to scroll it manually. Its a study feature I believe so it´s not a big deal at all to be able to do it manually.  Thanks 🙂

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